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The Basics of Poker

The Basics of Poker


You have been dealt a pair of kings, and you’re not great off the deal. Alex checks, Charley calls, and Dennis raises to twenty cents. You turn. You owe Alex twenty cents, and you have to play. Dennis raises his bet to twenty cents, and now your turn is to play. The dealer has the last right to shuffle the deck. If he doesn’t, he must offer it to a player, who can then cut.

You can win a game of poker if you have two pairs and a jack. The highest pair wins. If you’re in a tie, you’ll be tied for the pot. You can break a tie if you have a pair and a jack. Otherwise, you can break a tie by having a better pair or straight. If you fold all your cards, you’ll be out of the game.

The game has very seedy roots. It may have originated as a game of card hustlers. People in this profession used the word “poke” as a slang for playing cards. The “r” is likely a reversion of this slang, and was added so that players would not know the difference. Regardless of the origins of the game, the objective is the same: to win chips from your opponents.

In poker, there are many terms that are used in the game. You’ll hear terms such as River Rat and Rock. These two terms describe different types of poker players. A river rat is a player who makes many small bets to gather information about the board. In addition to betting on the river, you can also call a “King” to a king. During a game of poker, you’ll also encounter a “Jam,” which is a colloquial term for shoveing your chips in when you don’t have a good hand.